Volleyball clubs like Dynamite focus on forming teams, organized by age, to train together and compete in matches against other clubs. Club volleyball is for anyone interested in learning and playing the sport at a higher level than they might be able to find playing at school or in a local rec league or church league. Like most sports, part of the year is "in season" where we are focused more on teams practicing and competing, and part of the year is the "off season" where we're more focused on training individuals at our camps and clinics. 


Volleyball clubs can play in or sponsor events sanctioned by governing organizations such as USAVAAU, or JVA . Players will register at the beginning of each season for one or more of these organizations so they can participate in their events.


Unlike some school programs, church leagues, or rec leagues, our Dynamite coaches are never parent volunteers, our coaches are experienced and accredited, and include many current and former college, high school, or feeder volleyball coaches - people that are really passionate about our sport. Many of our teams also includes a skilled assistant coach, which is often a former college volleyball player. The resumes of each of our club coaches is available on our STAFF page.


Yes. We are looking for young ladies who are passionate about the sport and we can teach them the rest. Our teams are divided by skill level within each age group. We have team options that range from beginners to elite, and from “non travel” to “out-of-state travel”.


From the beginning, Dynamite has centered its focus on TRAINING! Our mission is to make you the best athlete you set yourself to reach. Some of our camps and clinics focus on a specific volleyball skill, such as a serving clinic or passing clinic. Some are aimed at specific volleyball positions, such as a libero camp or a setter class. Finally, some are general skills camps or clinics that touch on a little bit of everything, exposing athletes to passing, setting, hitting, serving, and blocking. Our camps and clinics usually have a range of ages, although some programs may be aimed more at high school athletes, or very young athletes, etc. But more than anything, you can be assured that you will be trained your hardest at Dynamite for your club season.


Skill training is great, but of course the end goal of learning volleyball skills is to compete on a team. There's nothing more fun than playing a club season - wearing the Dynamite uniform, practicing with your team, and competing against other clubs in real matches and tournaments. Dynamite offers teams for ages 18 down to age 10 - it's pretty common for us to have some 8-year-olds and 9-year-olds in our 10's program, getting a head start on their volleyball careers! To get on a team with our volleyball club, the first step is to register your athlete to attend tryouts. 


Club tryouts happen once per year, in the fall, to form teams for the club season, which starts in late fall and ends in the spring. Our tryouts are open to all athletes, regardless of their current or past club affiliation. Tryouts usually happen around July or August.

For our youth teams, we don't require any particular volleyball experience - as long as they are willing and eager (and maybe a little athletic!), then we can teach them how to play volleyball! Of course, attending some of our fall clinics is a great way to build a little bit of skill and confidence before club tryouts. Your tryout eligibility age for the upcoming season is the age you will be on June 30. We look forward to seeing you at tryouts!


At tryouts, we form teams for the season. A team typically consists of 11 or 12 athletes, a head coach, and an assistant coach. These teams begin training together during our pre-season in November and December, working around the holidays. Practices are typically two times per week, in the evenings. Practice times are usually 2 hours ranging sometime between 5:00pm - 9:30pm during weekdays. Some teams may schedule an occasional weekend "bonus" practice as well. The regular season, January-June, will also see teams in the gym two times per week. The practices each week are a team practice where each coach executes their own practice plan, based on the needs of the team.


Throughout the regular January-June season, teams will also play in weekend tournaments - as few as six or seven for our youngest teams, and as many as 12 for our older or more experienced teams - very roughly, it might be every 2nd or 3rd weekend. While our most experienced teams may sometimes travel out of state to play the best competition around the country at large "national qualifier" tournaments, our younger teams generally play tournaments in the Tampa and surrounding area. A typical club tournament might be three "pool play" matches on a Saturday morning or afternoon, followed by a Sunday playoff bracket. In a single age group, a small tournament might have 10 or 12 clubs in attendance, while large qualifier tournaments, sometimes played over three days, could have over a hundred clubs competing in a single age group.


Dynamite offers a beach volleyball program as well. The beach season runs from April/May to June. During the spring, summer, and fall, we also offer seasonal beach programs. These programs run for four or five weeks and meet twice per week. Indoor volleyball players often take advantage of the seasonal beach programs for some additional training in the sand - it's fun and it's a great workout. More on Dynamite Beach Volleyball.