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Camps and Clinics


Conceptos básicos y desarrollo

¡1 hora de diversión entrenando y jugando!

  • Clases a partir del 12 de marzo de 2021

  • DVC organizará una clase semanal para el desarrollo de los conceptos básicos del voleibol.

  • Ideal para atletas jóvenes que buscan comenzar o continuar mejorando en el juego del voleibol.

  • Cada viernes trabajarán con un entrenador diferente de nuestro equipo de personal para aprender los fundamentos.

  • Cada clase estará estructurada y dividida por un enfoque de especialidad, como: pasar, servir, golpear, colocar y más.


Nuestros entrenadores especializados estarán trabajando con ellos cada semana con una especialidad diferente. Para ver a nuestros entrenadores, diríjase a nuestra página PERSONAL.


  • PARA REGISTRARSE: Vaya a PAGOS   página y seleccione el pago para las "Clases de desarrollo"

  • Los pagos se cobrarán automáticamente semanalmente para cada clase.

  • Cancela en cualquier momento.

  • Los jugadores deben estar acompañados por sus padres durante las clases.

  • DVC se reserva el derecho de admisión.


Get Ready for the Best Skills Camp, Where Repetition is the Key to SUCCESS!!!

  • Next Sessions - June 2024

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm

  • Players will be taken through multiple drills where continuous repetition and performance is emphasized for correction of skill.

  • Players will complete 400 repetitions of passing, serving, and hitting respectively.

  • Sign up is first come, first serve for the first 30 PLAYERS ONLY, so sign up NOW!

  • $225 Registration (covers all 3 days)

  • Location: 18105 Gunn Hwy. Odessa, FL 33556

Our specialized coaches will be working with them each week with a different specialty. To see our coaches, head over to our STAFF Page.

  • TO REGISTER: Go to the PAYMENTS page and select the payment for the "1200 Reps Camp"

  • DVC reserves the right of admission.

Skills Camp.PNG


What We Offer:

  • The Annual “College Volleyball Skills Camp” is intended for student-athletes to benefit from the knowledge of college coaches currently active in the United States and Puerto Rico. Coaches will have the opportunity to do on-court drills to evaluate and help participants with corrections and recommendations, as they do with their own players at the university level.

  • The opportunity for each participant to work on all the skills that make up the sport of volleyball. They will also have the opportunity to practice with the guest coaches at their specific position in a competitive environment. Each player will receive an evaluation base upon your performance and the coaches’ experience and knowledge. In addition, an educational talk will be offered to the parents and/or guardians accompanying the participant on recruitment, requirements and procedures at the university level to apply for scholarships through sport.

What's Our Goal?

  • The players will be evaluated by the coaches. The evaluations will allow each participant to have a much clearer idea of her playing skills and how can she maximize her talents at the university level. It will also allow you to know what your strengths and weaknesses are to continue working in the future.

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